11 March 2009

wellworths ! well done !!

I hate that I’m not posting at the minute, but there’s other stuff going on that I’m not going to record here.

I had to post this though – well done Claire Robertson, manager of the Woolworths shop in Dorchester that was closed in December when they went into administration. She is renting the premises, employing many of the original staff and re-opened it today as == Wellworths == She got Chris Evans (not a fan personally, but good publicity) to open it and I gather Dorchester was heaving. This is the BBC’s reporting of it.

I hope that everyone continues to support their independent traders, wherever you live – their livelihoods depend on it. If you’re visiting Dorchester and Wellworths, do stop and have some of possibly the best coffee in Dorset, served in the coffeeshop in Tudor Arcade, next to Waitrose – we’d appreciate your custom ! (Below is a local person’s view – NisbetMedia – on YouTube. Check out the Snowman’s Dance.)

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Lucy Corrander said...

Wellworths does seem to have generated a lot of local excitement - and I like it that Chris Evans went to see the sea in Weymouth while he waited for the opening moment.

About the coffee in Tudor Arcade . . . I'm not sure if I should mention it but, just in case it's helpful feedback . . . I never go there because of the smokers ranked outside.

But I'll give it a try the time after next I'm in Dorchester. (Have arranged to meet someone in the Bistro down the steps from there later this week.)

Best wishes with the other things in your life.


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