11 February 2009

australian bushfires

We’ve been watching the horrific news of the Australian bushfires in
Victoria with such devastating loss of life and reflecting on the kind
of person who becomes an arsonist. There’s a headline currently on
Google news from Reuters saying that the arsonists are likely to be young males. Oh really ? !! I’m sure that most people would not be surprised by that !

We too suffer from fires that sweep through the hillsides, many started deliberately when the mistral is blowing, to spread the flames and destruction further and faster. I’ve just noticed on my Feedjit that someone who has visited my blog is north-west of Melbourne, in Healesville, which is currently encircled by fire. I do hope you are alright …

This is a link to BBC News eye-witness accounts.

This video was sent to us by a friend whose daughter lives in Australia. It’s a small story with a happy ending and our hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones, property and pets and to all firefighters everywhere – you are so brave …


Barbee' said...

Isn't that sweet! There was a photo of them in our newspaper, but seeing them in action is much better. Thank you.

Lucy Corrander said...

So much for my ignorance - I haven't known before the size of koala. I'd guessed they were smaller.

I hope the mistral fires don't affect you where you live.


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