27 September 2008

happy birthday, Lucy !

Happy Birthday, Lucy. I was reading Esther’s blog and so happy to hear she is back on Earth and writing about her new life and adventures. She mentioned that she had a strong feeling that it is your birthday today and then later on your Loose and Leafy blog that your brother was holding a pot (with the new bamboo?).

I went to some friends for dinner last night and there were two cakes that I was going to take a picture of to post as a birthday cake for you, but they got sliced up and divided before I had chance. So I took a picture of the portions (oh yes, I had a piece of each) on my plate, they were a sponge with chestnut purée and cream and the other was a prune tart with a filo pastry topping. Unfortunately the photographs made it look a mess – but they tasted wonderful. Everyone at dinner sends their best wishes – they sat for nearly ten minutes whilst I (bored) enthralled them with the tales of my blog and my loyal follower and other sweet people such as Barbee, who have left kind comments on my posts.

So, I’m posting a picture of a giant birthday cake and some sunflowers and hope you have a lovely day in delightful Dorchester.

Happy Birthday, Lucy. I hope you sort out your annoying feed problems with Pictures Just Pictures and wish you a wonderful year to come.


Dawn said...

What a lovely blog you've created! I'm enjoying it very much. Thank you for dropping by my site as well so I could discover your creation. I love your photograghs and stories. Happy Birthday Lucy! :-)

Lucy said...

I read this as soon as I got home - but the evening was drawing on and I didn't stop to say thank-you.

No-one's ever said 'Happy Birthday' to me on a blog before - so it was / is quite special!

I bore people non-stop about blogging and people I have got to know through it. I pass on news about them as if everyone is interested which, on the whole, they aren't - but I don't learn and can't stop!

And here's to the next time you are in Dorchester and the meet-up over coffee. (There are a couple of other Blotanical Members nearby. One is a blogger in Weymouth . . . though she hasn't posted for a while. Another is a Blotanist without a blog. Perhaps they could join us?)


bare-faced gardener said...

dawn : thank you so much for your kind words, I’m enjoying blogging so much I’m not getting on with my gardening !

I am hoping to keep much of my ‘garden’ wild. In the four years we have had the house (haven’t lived here that long) I have done little in the garden, other than watch various trees die from drought. This year so much has blown in and there has been an abundance of field scabious and wild carrot. So many butterflies and insects.

Unfortunately, the neighbours must think that I’m just totally lazy so I’m thinking of putting a sign up to say this is a conservation garden.

I enjoy your blog and your photos, views and stories from your part of the world.

bare-faced gardener said...

lucy : you are most welcome.

I hope you had a lovely day in Frome with Ceres – the pictures are very interesting, especially the cemetery.

I’ve bored my friends silly with the blogging community, but I have one visiting me now who wants me to show her how to set up her own blog (and someone else who’s coming in a couple of weeks who wants lessons on facebook !).

I would love to meet up in Dorchester next time I’m over – November sometime. Who are the other blogger & Blotanist ? It will be quite a tea / coffee party !
Perhaps you will be able tell me how in heaven’s name I copy and paste stuff into the HTML sidebar ? !!!

Lucy said...

Copy whatever html you need.

Go to 'Layout' on your blog (you can click from the dashboard).

Click on 'Add a Gadget' (either on the side or under the post).

Go down the list . . . pictures . . . etc. and you'll come to a place for putting in html.

Click that.

Paste in the box.

Click 'Save' - and you're done.

Is that what you mean? It's from the same list as your followers gadget so you should find it ok.

If that's not what you mean . . .

The Blogger is Helen - http://camelliakiller.blogspot.com/

(On Blotanical, it says 'Gardening By the Sea').

I think the reason she hasn't blogged for a while is probably because she set it up when I was at her house for coffee one day and was bitten with a brief burst of enthusiasm for blogging but is really to busy to keep it up.

She has a big garden and spends a lot of time in it.

The non blogger is Sylvia. I don't know how you find non-blogger's on Blotanical but she picked the latest of Helen's posts and you can see her profile that way.

I don't know Sylvia personally but Helen does.


bare-faced gardener said...

All that frustration … solved by asking you that question. Thanks, Lucy, don’t know why I had such a block on it – I’ve been trying to paste it into the ‘Edit HTML’ section. Aarrggggh, but now YAY !

Haven’t found Sylvia yet, but will have more time to search tomorrow, when I may be asking you on how to navigate blotanical !

Lucy said...

I've been there!

I tried pasting so many things onto the html page which didn't belong on it (before I understood) - and taking them back off - it's a wonder my blog works at all.

Have you saved a template? It's worth it in case you inadvertantly mess things up.


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