19 September 2008

anyone for tea in the garden ?

I’ve just got back from my week’s visit to the UK. It was damp and green unlike here, which is dry and baked brown. However, last night the heavens opened and it rained consistently for many hours leaving the earth soft and claggy. Now it’s raining again. I hope it isn’t going to have a bad effect on the grape harvest vendanges which appears to be underway. As I drove home from the airport yesterday afternoon, I passed several tractors with their little trailers bumping along behind – I’m sure our local wine co-operative is getting really busy.

Whilst I sort myself out and make some retrospective posts, I just wanted to put up these two photos I shot in Whittards of Chelsea.

The garden sets are : mugs in the shape of a terracotta flower pot with a coaster on top, presumably to keep your tea hot whilst you are gardening (I like what’s written – ‘I don’t go to the gym ... I garden’ & ‘You’ve got to propagate to accumulate ...’); tall mugs like long toms; sugar and creamer set of small pot with a spade-shaped spoon and watering can milk jug; and I believe the tea set has a watering can for a teapot.

I love Whittards and think these are so cute. Perhaps they are rather twee, but they made me smile even though I resisted the urge to purchase anything other than some teas.


Jan said...

What precious mugs. I especially like the one that said "I don't go to the gym, I garden". Maybe with the rain you had, it seemed as if you were back in England.

Always Growing

Lucy said...

Oh! Whittards in Dorchester? I was there on Friday (20th September) admiring the gardening china.

Wouldn't it have been fun to have coincided?

Lucy Corrander

bare-faced gardener said...

jan : I was back in England and have some posts I need to make retrospectively.

lucy : it was in Dorchester on Monday 15th. I had planned to see if you, Esther (if she was back from Mars), Mrs Rustbridger, Susan Harwood & anyone else living locally could have got together over a coffee. Unfortunately, where I was staying there was no internet access & I didn’t have time to go to the library. Perhaps next time ?

Lucy Corrander said...

I'm having trouble with feeds to PICTURES JUST PICTURES .

Followers cannot access it at present through their Google Dashboards and it isn't possible to click to the blog through Google Readers either. I'm assuming people using other Readers will be experiencing the same problem.

Please excuse this format message - but I'm cutting and pasting it to 'Followers' and to other people who have left messages on PICTURES JUST PICTURES from time to time.

When I have worked out what to do - I will. Meanwhile, I will continue to post daily.

You can either use this link PICTURES JUST PICTURES or click through from the sidebar of LOOSE AND LEAFY.

Internet Explorer Bookmarks still work

(Members of Blotanical may sympathise if I say 'Isn't it Wonderful!')

Lucy Corrander

Barbee' said...

"...a coaster on top, presumably to keep your tea hot whilst you are gardening" and to keep bugs and bird poop out. I have learned to cover my drinks out in the garden. Also, learned not to set a drink containing sugar on the ground - hoards of ants! Love the tea shop and china!

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