12 August 2008


I picked my first blackberries of the season this morning – 210 g which I washed and froze straight away. I’ll put them with the windfall Bramley apples from Rosemary & Eric’s and look forward to blackberry and apple pie or crumble when the weather cools down !
Because there was so much rain in May this year – how we needed it – the blackberries or ronces have actually grown into fruits rather than shrivelled after flowering. There’ll be lots more over the next few weeks but the best ones are always out of reach, aren’t they ? I can see me falling into the irrigation canal before the end of the season !


The Hunky Gardener said...

I love blackberries! I eat them with vanilla yogurt.

bare-faced gardener said...

I prefer them cooked, but I eat a handful of them every morning on my walk with L B – picking them (carefully) off the brambles as we go along.

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