11 July 2008

& finally ...!

I’ve finally got round to planting out the tomatoes I bought on 17 May. (They languished for three weeks in their pots, so not planted nearly as late as this post) They were surplus to requirements from a local organic market gardener maraîcher, whose fields we visited earlier in the year. I ordered 12 tomato plants & two aubergine plants for the princely sum of 9 euros :

The tomatoes – totally different to the ones I thought I was buying, but all organic (& mostly heirloom I believe) and hopefully having deciphered the writing on the brown parcel tape that was stuck to the side of the pot are as follows :

Cornu des Andes

Coeur de Boeuf

Cocktail Clémentine Orange – planted in a topsy turvy planter

Steack (hybrid ?)

Reine de Ste Marthe

Rio Grande

San Marzano – apparently good for drying

St Pierre

& two unnamed plants

The two aubergines or egg plants :
Ronde de Valence

Violette de Florence

I had been hoping to have got more of the garden organised (hah – hope on …) so decided to put them in the ground at the back – between the pathway around the house (I can’t grow anything up the house unless it’s in a pot) and the Pyracantha hedge. It’s an area over the septic tank – now I’m thinking about it, is that a good idea ?

With these, as a ‘gift’, was a Morelle de Balbis (Solanum sisymbrifolium) – not a true tomato but nicknamed the european Litchi. On this site (which is in French, sorry) they say not to plant it near aubergines or potatoes. Yikes ! I've planted my aubergines next to my tomatoes !

It looks very similar to a tomato and is yet to be planted in a place where I can watch its progression. It is bursting out of its tiny black plastic pot but producing large white flowers tinged lilac/blue, atop a rather viciously spiked stem !

And the other FINALLY ... is I’ve got round to making a blog, having planned – in my head – for many, many months. I lost the first effort of posting this, but luckily I had already written it elsewhere ! So,
here goes ... press ‘Submit’ ......


Barbee' said...

...press Submit... bingo! You are in blogland!

I found you on Blotanical and came over to read awhile. Next thing I knew, I was way down here at the beginning and enjoyed every step of the way. And.. Oh, poor LB! I know... it will grow back. That part reminded me of another blogger's account of clipping her two alpacas. I wish I could remember who it was so I could provide you with a link to her charming post. If I remember later, I will come back. But, then again, you may not be interested in that. Oh, well.

Your photo in the header is so pretty. I have never been to that part of the world so what you have written is very interesting to me. I am in Kentucky, U.S.A.

bare-faced gardener said...

I am so thrilled to have my first comment & from you, Barbee. I got my OK from Blotanical and was going through the comments left by people there and then ended up at Lucy Corrander/Esther and got to The Hand ... you left such a lovely comment.

Life has so many coincidences : I still have a connection with exactly where (Lucy ?) lives and will be back there in a week's time for a visit. Also, I visited Kentucky briefly - flying into Lexington from Orlando to visit relatives who live in Prospect. I was only able to spend the night (sounds a bit like people from your side of the pond 'visiting' Europe in a week), but I'm so glad I did as the relative died somewhat unexpectedly some months later.

Thank you for your kind words and I look forward to reading more of your blogs. The only problem is now I'm spending ALL my time blogging and none whatsoever gardening or crafting. I may have to be surgically removed from the computer at this rate !

bare-faced gardener said...

PS L B's hair is starting to grow again (this is the third time I've had to have him shorn). It's somehow not the same as shearing sheep or Alpacas. I've kept two lots of his coat wondering if there might be someone out there who would like it to spin into yarn. I'd love to read about the alpacas, but only if you come across it ...

Barbee' said...

It wasn't difficult to find. Here is the url. I thought it was an entertaining post.

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